Audits and Surveys

Damage Survey Investigation, and Assessment,

The Company offers to survey damage sustained by a vessel or machinery and provide an estimate of repair, for owners, H & M underwriters and P & I clubs.

DP Audits and Trials,

Vessels at DP1,2, and 3 can be assessed, either from previous audits or from the requirements of the F.M.E.A.  This may be written first, if required, as in the case of a new build.

 Vessel Assurance Audits,

We can offer simple audits as per IMCA or OCIMF requirements, i.e. CMID or OVID.  HSE based audits, such as dropped objects, environmental, P.U.W.E.R, control of work and L.O.L.E.R. 

I.S.M. or I.S.P.S. audits can be undertaken for a Client's own internal assessment.

Vessel Condition Surveys, Pre-purchase Surveys,

These surveys are conducted using a cost centre, risk based approach, highlighting any maintenance requirements.  For a prepurchase survey this approach supports any valuation.